Monday, August 20, 2007

the downside of starting over

So we have mostly settled and gotten all our things in order here to be Georgia residents. all the setting up house has slowed down and now its just daily life of cooking and keeping the house picked up. But now the reality of being in a new place sets in. When you go to college or a new school, there are events to get new students and people integrated into the student life. Not so in real life. So it is much more difficult to make friends and find social gatherings to attend. For us the main place that we will find our friendships will be our church family. But we have not yet found a church that we feel is right for us yet.

My struggle right now is finding social interaction while Bob is at work. Friday it snuck up on me how much i was in need of other human relationships. So please pray that we are able to find some more friends and a good church.

On the brighter side we did meet a young couple at the church we visited on sunday and they had us over for lunch and want to stay in touch. When they moved to the area several years ago she was in the same position I was as well. They have another set of friends who also live in our complex who we are planning on contacting them soon.
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