Friday, September 21, 2007

things are looking up

so some of you know that i have been sitting at home making our apparatment look pretty and trying to stay busy. But the joy of that only lasts so long. After much waiting I have finally got to ball really rolling for some video work.
PROJECT #1: editing a video for Heart Sounds International, they are a ministry that records and helps create indigionous worship recordings around the world. THis one is for the largest minority group in China, the first time they have had such music and worship.
PROJECT #2: this one is more vague at this point. There is a Christian Production company i had previously made contact with and will meeting with them on monday to see what i might be able to do. From my previous discussion it could be anything from teaching editting classes to editting and shooting i have no idea. I 'm excited about the meeting on monday but don't want to get worked up since i have no idea what it might or might not be.

in the mean time i have been perfecting my sewing skills while I made a purse and continue to work on a quilt and finish some very old projects. only catch is my machine is so old (1962) that finding attachments for it will be difficult. Good thing that Bob likes eBay.
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