Thursday, October 18, 2007

I have a job, a car, a laptop...

Two weeks ago i met with a small production company and two weeks later after some prayer and discussion, i have a job. I work at a small production company with 4 other employees. It is a commercial company but they love Jesus and it is evident in their work and attitudes. Already I have gone on one audio recording trip. And tracked an interview for Impact 360 that I will produce for a podcast for them to release.

The company is very generous to us. One of my concerns about getting a job right now was transportation and they have given me the company equipment vehicle to drive to work. They also gave me a laptop to edit on. They use a PC based editing software. I'm looking forward to learning it.

So for now we are adapting to this new life of both working and still living on our strange schedules. And thankful to God for all he has provided for us right now.
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