Monday, October 1, 2007

Our mini vacation

One of Bob's friends from ALERT got married this past weekend and he asked Bob to be one of his groomsmen. So we flew up to Michigan to take part in the festivities. It was strange to now be a married women critiquing the service and decorations based on what i had chosen not the distant "thats what i would/wouldn't want for my wedding" Trisha's choices were hers and I'm sure they represent her and James and that is the important part. It really doesn't matter if i like what she chose. Her apple theme was creative and carried all throughout including the bouquets and the reception food. She had a carmel and chocolate fountain instead of a cake.

It was also surprising to see what a change of scenery does for the mind. Even though Flint MI is equally far from IL as GA some how it seemed more like home. Maybe it was the indoor malls and the grid streets. Or the selection of chain restaurants, somehow it felt more like home. THough the cold was not so nice and we were very happy to return to our 85 degree weather in GA.
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