Monday, October 22, 2007

"You are the answer to our prayers"

Often we pray for someone to come and fill a niche in the ministry, especially in a college ministry where people come and go frequently. And we often pray for ourselves that God will use us and put us in his perfect plan for our lives.

About a month ago I followed up with a man that I had met when Bob and I were apartment hunting in June. He owns a production company here and was interested in meeting when we got settled. When we met this time it was mostly to share our backgrounds and what our goals and visions were independently. After the meeting we each prayed and talked again in a week. Both excited about how my skills would complement the team that was already there and what I could add to the company. Long story short I now work for Media Production Group part-time and am focusing on marketing and branding, and editing when needed. The company is going through some major changes including 1/2 the staff changing right now. It is an exciting time.

The company has some close relations to a local ministry, OM-USA, one of their staff was visiting to get some help with some video editing software and told me that I was an answer to their prayers. One could feel full of pride by hearing that statement, but for me it was humbling to know that I was in God's plan even more than I had ever been before. We had felt that it was God's will to move to this area for a purpose, and a time of preparation for the next step in our lives. But to hear that within that, that God is using us to answer someone else’s prayers is very exciting.

WE know that this will not be the last time that we hear this nor do we want it to be.
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