Saturday, November 10, 2007

But I bleed Orange and Blue...

So we live here in GA surrounded by GA, GA Tech, and Alabama fans. So it is quite difficult to be a Big Ten fan in SEC territory. When we first moved here, I was told the Big Ten didn't matter it was all about the SEC. I beg to disagree. What makes it even tougher is that My team, the ILLINI are doing quite well this season, and I am too far away to witness much of it. I have seen only one game on TV and only gotten most of my news from my parents.
But today topped them all when the Orange and Blue toppled the reigning #1 Ohio State. That made it awesome. Its kinda hard to celebrate by myself down here in the south, and I married a guy who doesn't follow football. I had to call a friend from college to celebrate. We were ILLINI fans together. I hope they get a bowl game spot and I hope its near by so I can go a watch them play.

BTW, Mom & Dad you made bleed these colors, because you took me to all the games for all those years and taught me to read the scoreboard and to love the game, so its our fault I bleed orange and blue and not maroon or any other colors.

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