Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting Older

So my birthday was different this year, the first year that I was far away from home and unable to celebrate with my family. But that was ok because part of my family came to me. My mom just happened to be flying on my birthday and choose to have her layover in Atlanta. So for my birthday i spent 6 hours in the Atlanta airport. We had lunch at the nice airport restaurant and exchanged presents. Her birthday is at the end of the month. So it was different but it was special too. FOr breakfast that morning Bob went out a bought a small cake so we had birthday cake for breakfast. it was fun.

In other news, i interviewed yesterday to work at the nearest pool and got the job. I am quite over qualified for life-guarding after 4 years of it plus lessons and working at camp. hopefully i can work up to some kind of head-guard or manager. I am considered a full time guard so i will be working 26-40 hours a week in the evenings and weekends when bob is at work, so it works out quite well. And in the meantime i enjoy sewing and quilting, mostly just being creative.
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