Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Georgia

This is a snow storm in GA.

the flurries as we might refer to it in IL, is enough to keep everyone home and force things to close. the forecasted 2 inches that is suppose to accumulate will nearly shut down the city. Not only to the local people not have experience in driving in it the cities do not have snow plows so nothing gets cleared and ice becomes a problem as well. So today we have enjoyed watching it snow from the inside and enjoy movies on TV.

The pool that I now work at is quite interesting. It is an outdoor pool that had a bubble over it, much like Memorial Stadium used to before the indoor facility was built. The bubble is not connected to the field house next door. You must go outside to get to the bubble. All the swimming equipment is kept is storage bins outside between the building and the bubble. The only locker rooms and bathrooms are in the main building so the swimmers must go outside wet to get to the locker rooms to change. This set up works for the pool. But is something that would never work in the Midwest. I remember practicing at Centennial HS and feeling the ice cold when someone opened the door to leave when you were in the pool.

My new job is a job, the same old has many other pools. We get to wear our street shoes while we work because the pool deck and get so cold because of the outside temp. One guard even wears his timberland work boots with his swim trunks and t-shirt, if you can picture that. Its a pretty laid back environment. It is really nice because I get to work totally within Bob's schedule so sharing the car is much easier. i am having to adjust how i use the rest of my time since i have less of it at home while he is at work.
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