Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what you THOUGHT you wanted, is no longer what you want

We knew that this year would be a year of change and growing for us. What we didn’t know was that so much would happen so fast. In November Bob heard of the possibility of being moved to a normal schedule of working 8-5. by Christmas we were wondering if the option would ever happen. And we had resigned our selves to be content and enjoy our different schedule. And then last night he came home saying he had overnight to decide if he was interested in changing to that shift. Big Decision, Small amount of time.

In the mean time there have been some major things happening at my job and I have chosen to step away from the company at this time. In searching for different job I was able to visit the local pool and inquire about any available work. In a couple of weeks they will have 25-30 hours of work available within the evening shift that bob works.

After much thought and discussion we have decided not to give up the valuable time that we have together in the morning and the leisure that it gives us. Bob’s shift would be the same type of work but more stressful and busier. We also know that this is only a season of our lives and not likely one we will return to once we choose to leave it. We continue to regret not being more free together in the evenings to be social but we are constantly working on creative solutions for that.

We made big decisions today by Bob turning down the change and myself applying for the lifeguarding, I have an interview on Friday. So we have already had an eventful new year and we are looking forward to more changes to come in the new year. Above all we are a team.

And of course I'm looking forward to my birthday tomorrow.
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