Sunday, February 24, 2008

Forward, Together Forward

After much debate and mourning from afar, i have come home to IL. I am visiting with the sole purpose of seeing my brother and showing him my support. he returned to NIU this afternoon, in time for the memorial service that was held on campus this evening. Over the weekend i had a very special time with Kevin. He picked me up at the airport and we went out for lunch, and while interacting with the waitress i watched my brother become a young confident Gentleman. As we drove home it was snowing. On Saturday we went sledding together and watched a movie with both our parents (the first time in years for ALL of us to watch one together)

I felt i could not move on without coming home. Living so far away it was as if it didn't happen. It was had to feel a part of something and be 400 miles away. As profound as my emotions are about it all and how grateful i am for my brother right now. It was hard to deal with the emotions in a place that was disconnected from what was strongly impacting me. But now i am home and it is good.

My parents and I were able to watch a streaming video of the Memorial Service on the internet. It was very helpful to me to listen to all the speakers share in the grief and emotion. The university is forever changed and all the students will forever be marked with this experience as part of their collegiate career.

Kevin i am grateful to have spent the time with you. It was very special. I know you will never be the same. You have been marked. But I know that you will move "Forward, Together Forward" And you will be stronger and braver and you will thrive as a Huskie. We are all part of the NIU family. Today i am not a Saluki but a Huskie.
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