Friday, February 15, 2008

I want to hug my (big) little brother.

yesterday morning my mom emailed me about a journey quilt that we could make together over distance. and that afternoon i get a phone call from her, telling me above all things that my brother is alive but that there was a shooting at his university. How my priorities have changed.

It is even more special for me because i haven't always been the best big sister according to Kevin, i have made some big mistakes that he made me pay for. So I'm exceptionally greateful to be able to call him and him want to talk to me, and hear that I love him and wan to to hug him, just like my mom did before he arrived safely home. Of course it all seems surreal to have any kind of senseless violence happen, especially close to home. This is especially hard because one of the injured is a cousin of mine. of the 5 students i know at a school of 24,000 i know one of the 25 that will be listed in the paper. Jeremy Walker was treated and released from the hospital. He was hit with shrapnel in the back of his head. I pray for the trauma and anxiety to be healed.

It is hard to be so far away from such a big event and yet be so connected to it. I can wear the Huskie colors tomorrow and I will, the only problem is that I'm in Bulldog country and UGA has the same colors. I will wear my Huskie colors and a black ribbon and hopefully people will understand. Its like when Illinois beat Ohio State, nobody understood my joy, but this time it is worse. There are so many emotions for me to work through and process, before i can even begin to share.

I pray that life can return to normal and my brother return to school and classes and work through it all with those he experienced it with, they will be the only ones who really understand what he is feeling.

Somehow bragging about the weather in GA seems inadequate conversation with my family right now.
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