Friday, February 8, 2008

Marriage Chapter 2

So we are finally doing it, joining the rest of the world in living on a common schedule. After much talking and praying Bob let his office know that he was interested in working the day shift. Within 30 minutes he was on the schedule for first shift starting on Monday. This means that we can join a small group, do more than sleep after work, and socialize with others around us more than once every 2 weeks. It means no more weekend shifts. My job isn't quite as easy to change my schedule but it will be changing to match starting a week later. So this first week should be interesting.

I had come to the conclusion that we were outgrowing this stage of married life. As enjoyable as our uninterrupted mornings were, there were many frustrations as well, because we were living on such a different schedule than other people. It seemed to me that for us to continue to grow as a couple and get connected in our new town it was crucial to make this change.

So here's to a new chapter of life and the new adventures that it brings.
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