Monday, February 18, 2008

NIU update

Jeremy is fine. this picture has been circulating on the internet and among the new outlets. It is Jeremy. My mom talked to his family over the weekend. He was hit ducking behind the chairs in front of him. He was about 12 rows aback on the same side that the shooter entered. He was the first person taken away in an ambulance. Others more critical were airlifted from the site to the hospital. He is resting at home. there are still some buck-shots in his shoulder, the doctors feel that trying to remove them would cause more damage than good. Often the body will move foreign objects to the surface naturally. So he is doing fine. Even to him the events seem surreal.

Kevin was interviewed by the local paper as was several local students/families who were affected. Here is his portion of the article News Gazette 2-16-08
Kevin Erickson: 'Word got out there was a shooting'
Kevin Erickson, an NIU undergraduate from Urbana, was on a bus heading toward the area of Cole Hall when he saw a mass of students around the bus stop. "Everyone was just sprinting in the opposite direction," he said. "Then word got around that there was a shooting.
"Everyone was screaming just to drive," he said, as the bus driver drove passengers back to the dorms rather than dropping them off. Once back at the dorms, Erickson immediately contacted his father, Keith. The dorm was locked down, and around the building, students tried to figure out what was going on. "For a while there, there was reports of numerous gunmen, so everyone was scared," he said.
As students saw the shooting numbers rise on TV, "that was probably the most emotional part," Erickson said. Keith Erickson said he thought NIU handled the aftermath of the shootings efficiently and well.A friend drove Kevin Erickson near home Thursday night, and his parents got him from there. "I'm a little bit more shook up than I expected to be," he said Friday morning.
Erickson also learned his second cousin, Jeremy Walker, was one of the students injured Thursday. "He was in the classroom and running away and got hit in the head with a few pellets," Erickson said. He said his cousin was discharged from the hospital Thursday night. "He's in good shape, as far as I know," Erickson said. "I mean, physically, he's fine."

The university will resume classes on the 25th of February, and all classes in Cole Hall will me relocated. The remaining semester will be pushed back a week with finals a week later than originally scheduled.

I continue to pray and wonder what i can do to show my support. I'm so far away that I feel detached from the events and the aftermath. I will wear my black ribbon until life returns to "normal" for my brother and his classmates.
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