Sunday, March 2, 2008

dreams come true

I'm a video production geek. Every time I go to a major conference and they have video screens and jib cameras, I get distracted by the cameras. I have always thought it would be cool to be that person running the camera for the conference. I finally got my chance during the Immersed Conference hosed by our church. 1,000 youth from the area and country came to a weekend conference. We volunteered to usher and help in any way we could. The first night we were late for training because of Bob's work schedule and all the positions were filled when we got there. But during the first part we were asked about running spotlights. I mentioned I had run one once previously and had some camera background. After a brief tutorial in the light corner booth I was operating a spotlight. I even got to wear a headset. Later I was informed I would be running the camera the rest of the weekend and Bob took my job on the spotlight. We were a team. The first time since marriage. It felt good, and my dream of running that camera came true.
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