Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weather can be cool, or not

So last night we went out for dinner to celebrate 8 months of marriage. On the way home there was some lightening in the clouds, it was really cool to see clouds light up. we stopped in parking lot to watch for awhile. Especially since Bob couldn't enjoy it while we were driving. When we got home and were checking the news we learned that there was a tonado or windstorm that hit downtown Atlanta. So all the lightning that we were enjoying was probably part of the storm that caused major damage to downtown. Including the CNN tower where we have visited. and the Superdome where the ACC basketball tournament was in progress.

We are ok we didn't get any of the storm where we are, for those who are wondering but it was funny to realize that the magnificent light show we were enjoying was actually causing damage somewhere else.

NOTE: we did not take the picture during the storm, it is off the web and from Paducah KY.
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