Friday, April 4, 2008

life without a cell phone, green parking lots

So Easter weekend we lost our cell phone. We thought we left it at the restaurant we went to or the grocery store we went to after that. The next we had no luck finding it. We started the process of looking in to buying a new handset. The person I talked to on Monday said that we were eligible for a new phone based on our history with the company, including being previously being part of my parents' family plan. When I went to a store the next day they told me that was absolutely not possible. So I didn't get a new phone that day. I called back and they agreed with some digging that i was eligible but they had to switch the date on my account. But of course the manager who could do that wasn't in and to wait and they would call me when it was changed and i should have no problem going to the store to get a new phone for free. That was wednesday. On Thursday, after we got home from work late, There was a message on our machine from the restaurant we had been at on Sunday saying our phone had been found!
Some people would say that it was coincidence. But I say that "My God who works all things together for Good" was intervening and the whole delay with the phone company was really to stop us from buying a new phone when our old one was making its way back to us. Praise God. In the mean time with out the phone we learned to slow down and change our communications so we wouldn't have to reach each other instantaneously.

The other big news in GA right now is the pollen, Last weekend we went to the park to play frisbee and as we were driving we saw this cloud appear as a gust of wind came up. It was a yellow/green cloud, it was pollen. Everywhere is covered in the stuff. Our black asphalt parking lot has a green tint to it and every car has a layer stuck to it. The pollen count is somewhere around 1000, which is high, and the forecast is that it will only get worse this year. So yeah, don't come visit if you have alergies or bring plenty of medication.

Happy Spring!
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