Friday, May 23, 2008

being the help

Peachtree City is known for being a very affluent city. Most houses have a pool and i have heard that there was resistance to a shopping area that it would bring the town down. Though the shopping area only contains high end stores (Eddie Bauer, Victoria Secrets, Bath and Body Works, Gap, Anne Taylor...) Anyways. Since I was working in the city at their pool, i was asked by a resident if it were possible to lifeguard for a pool party at her house. She was having her children's class over and wanted to be safe. I didn't think much of it and volunteered. When i got there i realized what kind of house we were talking about. This was not an ordinary house but a mansion. I have recently read a memoir about being a nanny in Hollywood. I very quickly felt like the help at this house only because of its size and splendor. It was overwhelming. I kept reminding myself to keep my mouth shut and not look too wide eyed. The host was very nice and it was almost funny to me how normal it all seemed to her. In driving to locate the house I noticed a sign for some new houses being built advertised as being in the $900's if that gives you any ideas how big this house was. Anyways, for at least one day I saw how the other half lives, or at least where they live.
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