Friday, May 2, 2008


God is real and all knowing as Christians we believe that as ruler of the universe, He just might have a better idea how to run our lives than us mere humans with no prior experience. I try and live with Christ as the Lord of my life. In doing this I am careful to pray and see his will for my life. As each human is created uniquely we are also given unique purposes in life. And God over time, will show each person what that is. God being the creator of the universe is also the most creative person that I know. So his ways are often more creative than we could possibly think. By saying all this, here is what is happening for me.

God has been blessing our church with several amazing guest speaker over the last 3 weeks. The first one was Chris Hill; he spoke first on the mantel of Elijah being transferred to Elisha. This was a very powerful message. He also ministered at a special service the same weekend and I answered a call for prayer for women's ministry. God began to give me ideas and topics I am beginning to weave together to create a bible study hands on class for young women and girls about biblical femininity and home skills. Mostly based on Proverbs 31 and practical skills like sewing and food preparation. As of now I have a skeleton and lots of ideas but I'm still praying about how it fits together and who I am suppose to share it with. I had committed early in our marriage to be a wife first, and serve my husband in the home. I enjoy being home and have surprised myself with how much I enjoy sewing and baking.

Recently with the warmer weather, it is becoming known among our friends that I am a swim instructor. People are asking for lessons both for their children and themselves. I had asked my apartment office about the liability and options of using our pool for profit. They came back and told me it was fine. They were even willing to support me and include a flyer to all of the residence in the complex. I am extremely excited about this opportunity.

My current job will change for the summer. I will be assigned to a seasonal pool and be scheduled to work 25+ hours a week, I would have the option of teaching classes at that pool as well. Right now I am working only 18 hours a week. Working more hours would be great, but there is just the logistics of sharing a car, and trying to work in some of these new ideas. We are hesitant to purchase a second car because of the higher ongoing expense and our desire to live debt free. Can you see a simple solution?

The solution that God began to prompt and suggest to me was this:
Instead of trying to add more on to my life, I needed to reevaluate everything. I was trying to add more things to the box of life and the lid wouldn't fit. So I have to take something out. So I will be taking out the current job as of the end of May. And be self-employed teaching swim lessons. Already I have a list of 6 families who want lessons. By teaching from home, it solves the car problem, and I will be making more money by not having overhead taken out of the cost of lessons. And I can offer them cheaper to the client for the same reason I will be making more. I am so excited about working for myself and providing quality lessons to my neighbors and friends.

I don't have answers for after the summer but that will come and I have not severed ties at the pool so I may return. Time will tell. I'm also considering going in to business making purses, bags and small quilts and crafts. But for now my focus is on the details of the swimming.

Someone gave me the analogy of an eclipse. Several things have to line up for an eclipse to happen and if one thing doesn't fall into place it can't happen. Whatever I do I want to be in line with God's will. So I will be calling these new adventures Eclipse31.
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