Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bob's Say

Cynthia asked me to write a guest column for her blog, so I'll write a little bit about how things are going for us here. I'm still working in Fairburn as helpdesk for Prism Pointe Technologies, a computer hardware support company. Life is good; Cynthia and I are still loving married life. Cynthia being pregnant kinda changes both of our lives, but it's all part of God teaching us to be more selfless. I have to be selfless in caring for Cynthia when she feels sick or tired or whatever, and she has to be selfless dealing with pregnancy discomforts for the hope of someone else being brought into the world.

I thought the other day about how God works on our character above all else as long as we're here on this earth. I think that's why his will is so often for people to get married; there is no experience that more graphically shows how selfish we are than marriage, where you have to yield to someone else on a daily basis and you can realize how much your own heart balks at it. Except, I think we're about to learn, raising children will bring a whole new crop of lessons about areas of my life where I thought I was doing pretty good and will prove to have much less patience, or wisdom, or gracefulness than I thought I did.

Planning for baby is dominating our conversations nowadays, but we still don't really know what we're preparing for. It'll be a learning experience, I'm sure.
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