Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do I look fat, yet?

We had another Dr. visit this week. It was mostly educational. We watched a video about the practice, and met with one of the midwives on staff to go over health histories. Then we got to deal with everybody's favorite part of the healthcare, insurance.

Overall I'm feeling better with the morning sickness, but it does come in waves. I'm getting used to eating all the time and small amounts. It seems to keep the nausea in check. The baby is about 10 weeks along now, and starting to show, or at least my clothes are getting uncomfortable and I look fat. My swim suits don't fit well anymore and buying a new one that is functional for teaching and lap swimming seem to be harder than I thought.

The baby has now transitioned from a embryo to a fetus and looks more human and will just be growing in size. This week the hair and nails start to form. Its exciting and overwhelming. My swimming lessons are keeping my busy enough. Teaching 2 classes at a preschool and several private lessons.
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