Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everything's Alright

Went to the Dr. today. Another 10 minute appointment that you have to wait 45 minutes to actually see the Dr. Anyways they said my weight is perfectly on track, I have gained 7 lbs since the pregnancy. And feel pretty good at least for the new normal of being pregnant. they checked the heartbeat and it sounded good, maybe a little slower than last time but that is suppose to happen.
Everything is going well. We have opted to not have any of the genetic screenings done because it will not change our decision about raising the child or anything and the tests do not have conclusive results. There are both false positives and negatives. We will have out next visit in 4 weeks and that will be the BIG ultrasound. The only one our insurance covers. So we will start praying now that the baby will cooperate and we will know to buy pink or blue.
At least for now it all seems to be happening so fast. I'm starting to show but I can choose not to show if i wear regular clothes too. I'm sure time may slow down when i have more baby weight to carry. In the mean time we look forward with excitement to their arrival.
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