Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation - Day 3

The last day in Chattanooga. Our vacation package included tickets to 3 attractions on Lookout mountain, We had the last attraction to visit before heading home. We visited Rock City. You may have seen the painted barns and billboards on major Interstates and highways that say "See Rock City"

The attraction got its name from the owners of the land originally who thought the Rock formations looked like a city. The main path winds all around the property with many of the parts having special names. Mushroom rock, turtle rocks, Goblin Bridge. All of the plants throughout the park are labeled. A project that the first owners did many years ago, and currently recognized by national gardening groups.

Some of the trails took us down between the rock formation and that was nice because it was much cooler. It was a hot and humid day. The rock formations reminded us very much of southern IL and Giant City park. From the point you can see 7 states on a clear day. we had good sun but it was hazy so we couldn't see them all when we were there.

The heat got to me as the day wore on and we returned to our B&B area to finish using our gift certificate for dinner before heading home. We wanted to be mindful of Atlanta rush hour traffic. We did hit a major rain storm on the north side of Atlanta.

We had a wonderful time and have many wonderful memories and pictures to remember it by. For more pictures CLICK HERE
This is my facebook page i uploaded more pics.
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