Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation #2 Urbana IL

So we decided to pack up and make the trip home sort of. We flew to Bloomington, drove to Urbana, Peter met us there after taking the train. Peter and Bob then drove to Muncie IN to see their Aunt and Uncle, and then to Angola IN for a wedding of a friend. Meanwhile I stayed in Urbana and spent time with my family. Mom was having a garage sale so i was able to help her with the second day of that. We had some unexpected guests show up at the sale, my grandparents make the drive to see me and Kevin (before he goes back to NIU) They took us out to lunch after the sale was over. Very good to see them.

After the wedding Bob and Peter drove back to Urbana in time to join us for dinner at the Philo tavern. One of my favorite places to eat and saturday night has the best specials. Prime Rib and Twice baked potato. I hadn't been there in 2 years. There were 7 of us at dinner! Mom, Dad, Kevin, Addy (Kevin's girlfriend), Peter, Bob and Me. We looked like we were in a clown car when we unloaded at the restaurant. Wonderful Dinner. The first time i can remember that I ate my whole dinner with out taking any leftovers. I guess it pays to be pregnant.

Sunday we got up early to visit the new campus of my parents church and dropped Peter off at the train station on the way. After church and a quick lunch we drove to Bloomington to fly back. Only we mistimed our drive and pulled up as the last call to board. Lucky for us, we were able to catch another flight a few hours later at no additional charge. The second plane wasn't even full.

It was good to go home and visit. Considering next time it will be all about the baby. Not to mention the baby's schedules. Ultrasound in 2 weeks to maybe find out if its a boy/girl.
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