Saturday, September 6, 2008

23 weeks

(picture: 22 weeks bob finally agreed to take a picture of the belly! :-))

So we have now had some time to adjust to the reality that we will be swimming in pink for the the foreseeable future. We are totally excited about our little girl. I am beginning to plan her nursery, or at least for now her corner. With our limited space she will have a corner of our bedroom. I'm determined to still decorate at least somewhat and make it special. We have a second dresser we got at a garage sale that will be hers and we are getting a pack-n-play with bassinet and changing table so it will be compact and still have everything. We have registered at Babies R Us so you can look at our registry to see what we have picked out. Because the bassinet is very neutral and soft. I will be going with pastels in decorating. For now I'm focusing on ivory/tan, green, purple. To make the space special I am planing on painting some different boxes and accessories to match and putting together my own collection of decorations. A crazy quilt wall hanging perhaps. I'm enjoying the process of making the things as well as the joy of putting everything together.

(picture: Lydia's corner, replace the dog & boxes with a pack-n-play and her room is complete)

In other news, I have become involved with the youth group at our church. I am making their weekly announcement videos and other video projects as they come about. The work is enough to keep me busy and fulfilled and challenges me to stay creative and professional. I am also finding video work around through other people at the church. I have one video in progress for a local Teen Challenge program that will be used to share testimonies when they visit churches to raise support. Being GA I still have a few lingering swim lessons that are scheduled. The water was nice to be in on Friday, not too cold yet. The pool will be closing at the end of the month. Bob is still working on the help desk, waiting patiently for other opportunities to arise. He seems to have found his niche by focusing on requests that are sent in via email and doesn't have to answer the phones as much. He likes this better, but as always things can change any day.
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