Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gas shortage

One thing i didn't mention about our exciting weekend is that the second visit nearly didn't happen, see we were nearly out of gas and most of the stations around us were empty. We did find one and filled up partially,making our weekend possible. But now even that station is out of gas. Atlanta Metro has higher fuel standards than most of the country due to pollution. So we cannot just have it trucked in from anywhere. And with the back to back hurricanes Gulf oil production was effected. So we are effected now.

Our plan is Bob have the car and I will stay home to safe gas, after all him working is more important than me having the car to run errands. Hopefully we will find somewhere with some gas again in the next few days to get some more. I think its going to last about a week. Its strange to suddenly have to deal with rationing a product that you take for granted. It begins to put it in to perspective. Unlike some countries we know we will have gas again soon. And it only interrupts our life briefly. Oh well this is life, we adapt and do what we have to.
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