Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Chapter, New Place

A sermon I once heard had these 3 major points
• God doesn’t always come HOW we think He will
• God doesn’t always come WHEN we think He will (or should)
• God doesn’t always come WHY we think He will
(Dennis Lacheney “This Close” 3-2-08 ACC)
The message addressed how we miss the big thing God wants us to do. It challenged us to remember God doesn’t fit in a box because he created the box, he wrote the rules, He created the creativity that us humans are so proud of.

As a result of this idea I started wondering and believing God would take our family into the mission field in a way that we wouldn’t expect. We had been thinking it would be something where God will tell us to quit our job and start raising support. This was the idea we had since we didn’t know any better. Fast forward past, one job interview that didn’t work out, and finding out that our family is growing.

Bob has accepted a new job working as a PC Support Specialist with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando FL. God has positioning us to respond to our vows to serve him anywhere, anyhow. He is taking us into His service for the kingdom of God. And it isn’t how we imagined. Bob will be a paid staff member of the organization.

This isn’t the timing we would have expected. We are planted in a wonderful church here in Atlanta. I have gotten busier with video projects in the last few months with freelance video projects through the church. We are expecting a wonderful daughter who will be born only a few months after we move.

We don’t understand the timing and all the details yet, but we know God’s hand is on our lives. We are trusting God’s provision for everything to work out. And for everything to fall into place.

We will be going to visit the area in October, and will be moving the middle of November, and baby Lydia is due in January

Please pray for faith for us, protection against the attacks of the enemy (fear, doubt)

With Love,
Bob, Cynthia & Lydia Heren
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