Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unexpected Weekend

I went to a women's conference on thursday and friday and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The original plan was to get some take out and go to our favorite park for a picnic and a walk, something we haven't done for awhile. During our lazy morning before our picnic we found out about several festivals in the area that were happening. We decided that the Inman Heritage Farm days seemed the most interesting to us.

Inman GA is only 6 miles south of Fayetteville and we were off. We were in for more that we expected. There were lots of tractors and engines on display including antiques. There were many demonstration stations et up including grain threshing, feed mill, grist mill, an antique meadow mill (sawmill), a moonshine still, cider press, cotton gin and blacksmith. Every thing that required power was run off tractors with belts to transfer power. The Sawmill was the most impressive demonstration of this.

We didn't get to see everything on saturday so we decided to go back on sunday and see more. The weather was wonderful to be out and enjoy it. See more pictures HERE.
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