Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Shower!!!

So maybe it is beginning to sink in that our family is about to grow. It kinda hard to picture since our home is in upheaval at the moment, in preparation for moving to Orlando in a month. And just as I really want to "nest" and get things ready for the baby, i have to do the opposite and pack everything up in boxes. It will all work out. We are buying some wonderful quality furniture from one of Bob's coworkers whose child has out grown the set. It is a white crib and dresser/changing table with hutch. I am so excited.

My baby shower was this past weekend with our atlanta friends. Our moms came down to celebrate with us. They arrived on saturday and we all went mini-golfing. Mom Erickson won. The shower was sunday after church. It was small but lots of fun. The most creative gift was an assortment of clothes that unwrapped itself on a clothes line. Everyone was impressed by it.

We are preparing now to go visit the Orlando area next week. We will be looking at apartments, meeting Bob's coworkers, touring the Wycliffe complex, and getting lots of questions answered. It is all happening fast and before you know it we will be passing out change of address cards for FL!
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