Thursday, October 2, 2008

Updates on All things Heren

A few posts pack i mentioned the fuel shortage in GA. We are making it nearly unaffected in our own gas usage. This week Bob's office went to a 4 day work week to cope with the shortage. So he is working 4-10 hr days. The extra day is a huge blessing to packing and getting ready to move. Here on the south side of Atlanta, gas stations don't always have gas but it seems somebody usually does. The prices are higher than other parts of the country hovering around $4.00. We have filled up when we a station with gas and not had to worry too much. The officials are saying it should be back to normal in another week.

So we are moving and out apartment is stating to show it. We have started to pack some of the smaller stuff and things like papers. So far so good. Bob will start the 17th of November and we are going to go down to visit the 19-22 of October. We are able to email some very helpful people at Wycliffe and get our questions answered.
I found out today that the health insurance company for Wycliffe is the same as our current provider so that will make the switch much easier and smoother. Especially with the pregnancy bills and impending hospital stay. The move isn't stressing me out. I'm getting organized and will be working hard but it doesn't seem stressful. It was at first but thats because it was new and sudden but its all good now.
We are starting to empty our cupboards in our meal choices, it makes dinner interesting. I'm wrapping up some of my sewing projects and videos so they won't be burdensome as we get closer.
We don't know where we will live yet, but will be looking when we go visit and will find something suitable. I'm excited that this move will mean baby Lydia will have her own room. Most likely we will be moving ourselves and hiring some loaders from a moving company to help us when we get there. It seems the best deal, but we are still working out the details.

Its hard to leave where we are because of all the great friends that we have here. But we know this is what God has called us to , we just didn't think it would be this soon, not that we are complaining. This was our 3-5 year plan to be working in missions but God decided to make it happen sooner.
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