Friday, October 24, 2008

Wycliffe, Here We Come!!

This week we visited Orlando FL to find an apartment and just check out the city before moving there next month. Bob will be starting his new job on November 17. We were fortunate to be able to stay in some temporary housing on the Wycliffe Base. This made it easy to stay oriented to how long of a commute Bob might have. The temp housing was apartments and very beautiful. We could see Lake Tyndale from our window and walk to the main building for our tour there. We drove all day sunday, stopping several times at nice rest stops to stretch. The Florida welcome center has free samples of FL orange juice and grapefruit juice.

Monday we drove around and visited 4 apartment complexes. We drove through 2 others and didn't look. There were some nice ones but they were further than we wanted from Wycliffe. Monday night we were startled when our doorbell rang. Considering we were in temporary housing and didn't know anybody, i think you would be too. One of the people we had been emailing had brought us some new housing listings from the E-bulletin that exists for Campus Crusade for Christ and Wycliffe. The Campus Crusade office is within walking distance. There was a house and a duplex listing. We followed up on the duplex listing for a tour the next day.

On Tuesday we stayed at Wycliffe and met with the insurance person, to find out our options and make sure things are inline for the baby. We also took a tour of the complex and learned about the history of Wycliffe. The tour ended in the Wordspring center, an interactive visitor center. It was lunch time after the tour and we met up with Bob's supervisor and the team of guys that he will be working with. We all ate in the cafeteria together. After lunch we both toured his office and I went home for a nap. Bob was able to stay and sit in on the weekly staff meeting and job shadow one of the guys for a few hours. (I don't think he wanted to come back to GA after that, he really enjoyed it.) Because we were staying in the apartments on base we cooked about 1/2 our meals instead of eating out. After dinner the duplex manager came by and took us to the property. We looked at a 3 BD/2BA side the other side was 2BD and was furnished. The actual owners of the property are working in Indonesia for Wycliffe. We decided the duplex was our best option for housing. We will have 1/2 the garage, a screened in porch, a large living room area, an extra bedroom or room, and Lydia will have a nursery. We get a reduced rent if we are willing to mow the lawn for the property, and our water bill is included in the rent which is good since we plan on using cloth diapers and will be washing clothes often.

Wednesday we gave our security deposit and initialed our lease before driving back to Atlanta. We actually were given the key to our new home so we can get in when we get there regardless of the time. We are so excited. I wish these boxes would pack themselves.
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