Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Blogger: Bob

Cynthia asked me to write another guest blog entry about moving in to our house in Florida. As everyone should know, we have just finished moving down to Orlando, FL, where I am beginning work with Wycliffe Bible Translators on Monday (the 17th). Our move down was relatively uneventful; I rented a truck from Budget and towed the car. It was a long 8-hour drive, but we made it. Driving a big truck with a trailer takes some concentration, but I made it without any close calls. Praise God!

We had help unloading from a co-worker at Wycliffe named David Bohm, and a friend referred to us by Iris Cox named Sam Klimmick. He works as an engineer for a private contractor working with NASA designing parachutes for the fuel tanks on the space shuttle. We met him a couple years ago during an outreach we did with Iris and her husband Dan as part of their college ministry in Rolla, Missouri.

Our house is much bigger than our previous apartment (3 bedrooms, 2 baths), but it's still pretty cheap, so we consider it a blessing. It'll be nice for Lydia to have her own room when she comes into the world. We also have a spare bedroom, so any of you reading this who happen to come to Orlando anytime soon, give us a call! The only downside is that I have to take care of the lawn. I was definitely enjoying having someone else mow the grass in Georgia, but oh well.

In addition to Sam, we found another random contact we have in Orlando. Two summers ago, I went on a missions trip to El Salvador for a couple of months, and one of the other college students working at the mission for the summer was Lisa Sears. She's now married, and lives in Orlando just a half-hour or so north of us. I emailed her and got some advice on churches and hopefully we'll get to meet up with them sometime.

We're going to miss the friends we made in Atlanta, but we are looking forward to making new friends and starting a new chapter of life.

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