Friday, November 14, 2008

New Home Sweet Home

So apparently it has come to my attention that I have failed to update this blog in the last few week so lets recap and hear my excuses. My last post was about visiting Orlando to find an apartment and visit the Wycliffe base where Bob will be working. IN the last 3 weeks we have
• Served our church as a part of a huge week long outreach, theatrical performance.
• I have taken my Gestational Diabetes test and passed, very exciting, it means I don’t have to change my diet or worry about something else before the baby arrives.
• Finished packing all our belongings in to boxes.
• Said goodbye to our friends in Atlanta
• Loaded a moving truck and drove 8 hours further away from all our families.
Yes we are tired. We are glad to finally be here. Slowly but surely we are getting unpacked and settled. Our new place is much larger than our old place to living among the boxes is much more manageable. So far we have unpacked the bedroom, set up the living room area, put together the crib in the nursery and set up our extra room (computer station and office space.) We are having a issue with setting up our dryer, the repair man is working on it and soon I will be able to wash the bedding for the nursery and begin setting that up further. Baby Lydia will be here in about 2 months, doesn’t seem possible, but we are excited to be parents.
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