Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

So I broke all the pregnancy rules of take it easy and stay home this weekend.

Thursday- We were invited to dinner at a friend of a friend's house. It was several young couples. It was nice. We volunteered to bring the bread/rolls. I figured the easiest way was make a loaf fresh in the bread maker Thursday morning and take that. Bob decided to let me sleep in and make the bread himself instead of waking me up in time which was the plan. We had never discussed how i made the bread or where the ingredients were. I woke hearing the bread-maker running, just hoping he made it right since we wouldn't have time to start over. When i did get up he asked me about where more flour was, and showed me what he had used since had run out of flour. He had used 1/4c powdered sugar to finish the recipe. it was in an unlabeled canister and he said it didn't taste like sugar. We were worried to see if the bread would turn out ok. The bread didn't rise like it would have with the full amount of flour but it was still good, and had a good sweet flavor instead of being on the salty side. Everyone enjoyed the bread and we didn't have any leftovers besides the story. After the meal we played NERTS, a card game I had learned in Middle School. It is a combination of speed and solitaire and can be played as singles or doubles. We played doubles.

Friday- We slept in and did some work around the house in the morning. Bob did some weeding in our front yard and I swept part of the inside of the house, since we have no carpets. Bob filled the back-seat of the car with cardboard boxes from the move and we took them to be recycled. We also went shopping. We just went to Kmart, Lowes and Babies R Us. I was excited to get some of the missing essentials for the baby including the travel system (carseat stroller combo) and things like hangers and diaper creme. We were out for 5 hours. I was worn out.

Saturday- wow the weekend isn't over yet. It was a very nice day when we got up even warmer than it had been on Friday, so we decided to take a drive and check out the beach. We made a picnic lunch and drove 45 min. to Cocoa Beach. We had received some recommendations on good beaches so we went to one. It was beautiful. We watched some surfers practice, and a few brave souls play in the water. We just walked in the surf and collected shells. We stopped at Ron Jon's Surf Shop before we left. It is huge and open 24-7, i have no idea why a surf shop needs to be open at 3 am.

Today, Sunday- I took a nap, and I got Bob to do some light work in the nursery, hang the rod to display the quilt and attached the changing pad to the table. We had a good weekend. And the good weather that was so nice, it was the calm before the storm. We did out grocery shopping after church and ended up drenched from a thunderstorm. at times you couldn't see across WalMart's parking lot. We were thankful we have an attached garage when we got home to unload.
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