Wednesday, December 10, 2008

33 days left...

One of the pregnancy counters I look at says I only have 33 days until my due date. Thats not much time so much to do in that month. First there is Christmas to finish preparing for, and parties to go to. Bob has 3 for his job. And New Years is coming too. And with the holiday break we will hopefully get to see a few friends from home. We have bought most of the immediate necessities for the baby and now its just getting everything organized. We toured the hospital we will deliver at this week. Its Winnie Palmer Hospital. It is a very nice place. Last week we put together the travel system that we bought and installed the car seat base in the car. So we are ready. I have finalized my decorating plans for the nursery, now i just have to get it done. Here are some pics of the almost complete nursery, only thing left is the decorations on the walls.

The changing table with Hutch attached. I wasn't liking the hutch on the floor and now i have space to keep everything handy. The door to the room is next to the pink can.

Here is the crib, and new addition of a chair. We got some furniture from our landlord to store (the other side of the duplex is furnished but the new residents have their own furnishings so the existing ones are extra) We also added a carpet so you can see that a little bit. The blank wall is being worked on. The bouncer on the floor we got in our thanksgiving shopping.

This is the other side of the door way its on the corn of the wall next to the dresser. you can see the lightswitch in this pic. that is the travel system and diaper bag under the quilt on the wall.

These are the decorations that I will put on the wall. They are wood cut outs that I painted to match the bedding. They are sitting in the crib for the picture, there is more than you can see but you get the idea.
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