Tuesday, December 16, 2008

After the baby comes you won't be able to...

We have heard this phrase a lot. Although there will be things we will miss, i think i can say we know it will be worth it. When we were first married I had heard of trying to celebrate every month, even just something little, but to do something. This tradition worked at first and the quickly got lost. Last week we realized sunday would be our last chance to think about doing anything special since hopefully by next month's anniversary we will be new frazzled parents. We started planning our adventure. The main criteria was finding something different that wasn't entirely baby friendly. We settled on checking out some of the no ticket required Disney attractions, after all we are in Orlando. We went to Downtown Disney, its an area full of shops, restaurants and other entertainment. We ate at a Rainforest Cafe, and walked around a lot. The restaurant was themed like a rainforest including timed thunderstorms and animatronic elephants and gorillas. I was excited because they seated us right next to a tropical fish tank. I love fish.

Some of the other shops we visited were a Lego store and the largest Disney store i have ever been in, i think i got lost inside. There was so much to see. There was also street performers. There was a stage that some kids were singing on, but we didn't stop to listen. We did happen upon a magician and he was followed by a quartet. The magician started to pick Bob out of the crowd for one trick but as i took the camera from him he picked me instead. I'm sure Bob was glad, and he took the pictures of me. We had a wonderful time. definitely a good special date to enjoy before Baby Lydia gets here.

The elephants at the Rainforest Cafe.

a dragon made of legos floating in the lake next to the Lego store.

a wall of legos for purchase, just like a make your own mix of candy but legos. Sold by the container you filled.

The street magician with his handpicked volunteer!
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