Saturday, December 27, 2008

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is past. It seemed rather anticlimactic this year, small and perfect for us. We went to church on Christmas Eve. There was a bubble machine over the door making “snow”. I wore a short-sleeved shirt to the service. It was a beautiful mild night. After church we rolled the meatballs and cooked them for dinner. Erickson tradition. We were able to freeze part of the mix for enjoyment later. Christmas morning we slept in and made French Toast for breakfast. Heren Tradition. We opened our presents after breakfast. Many of the gifts were for the nursery and baby. Bob was excited to get the rest of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy extended, special editions. We had another couple over for dinner later in the day. We grilled meat and each made a side it was simple and easy.
Yesterday we made a picnic lunch and found a local park to go to. I was feeling good which is not always the case these days. So we ventured to the Florida mall. We had heard there was an indoor surfing. And thought it would be fun to window shop. It is one of the larger malls near us. We failed to take into consideration it was the day after Christmas and EVERYBODY was at the mall. It was hard enough to keep track of each other I can’t imagine trying to navigate the mall with a toddler. Note to self: Do not repeat next year. The indoor surfing was inside a surfing and skate shop. It was cool to watch.
Bob has a slow couple of weeks at work right now with the holidays. He is able to study some of programs and systems that are new to him and work on special projects. Right before Christmas he was working to recover data of a Hard drive that had a virus and was reformatted. Something I know nothing about. He was making good progress and finding the personal data that was on the drive. When he returns next week he should be able to complete the project.
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