Thursday, January 15, 2009

day 3 with Baby Lydia

We came home from the hospital late Monday night. Because my water had broken early and Lydia was not born in the first 12 hours, she had to have some blood cultures done which the results take 48 hours. So we couldn't get discharged until those came back monday afternoon. Also on monday her jaundice levels rose so there was a last minute test for that. Her jaundice levels were high enough to need a Doctor approval to leave, and we had to see the pediatrician within 2 days to follow up. We got home at 9pm.

The first night (monday) we moved her pack n play into our bedroom to use. We had no idea how it was going to go. Things went well. We set our alarm clock but every feeding Lydia woke us up before the alarm. She doesn't cry much and eats well.

Tuesday we had the whole day to get settled and unpack and catch up on the life interrupted. Bob went grocery shopping and we had phone calls to make and business to attend to while maintaining her feeding schedule and learning how to live with a baby. We moved the pack n play in to the living room and Lydia stays in it most of the day sleeping or looking around. We can see in the mesh sides to watch her.

Wednesday we took her to the pediatrician. The wait was long but the doctor was nice. He is not worried about the jaundice but ordered another blood test to make sure its not further elevated. Lydia nearly slept through the outing. She is so calm and restful. Bob took Lydia to get the lab work while I took a nap.

Last night (wed) she slept well, again waking us up with fussing before our alarms went off for feedings. We discovered if we give her her pacifier and then quickly switch it with the breast for nursing she takes it very well and cuts the nursing time in half. Before she was sucking and fussing for 10+ minutes before getting serious. I woke up this morning much more relaxed since there wasn't so much crying during the night. We are looking forward to her getting bigger and spending more time awake and alert.
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