Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Point of No Return

No turning back now. Grandma left yesterday and we are on our own now. Bob is back at working so I'm on my own during the day. We are very blessed to have an "angel baby" Its fun to watch Lydia as she is able to see more and interact with some toys. She got a swing on Friday so we started using it today. And she enjoys being in her bouncer as well.

This weekend Bob got out and went to an ultimate frisbee tournament with a friend from work. The tournament teams were made from who ever registered/showed up so it was a good time for both Chris and Bob. They both ended up with battle wounds from their day. And Bob got sunburn as well. He says it was all worth it.

It was wonderful having my mom here to help out with Lydia. She helped us get more confidant about how parenting and did the housework as well. And we took her to the beach before she left. She brought the cold with her so we only had 2 days of "florida weather" to share with her.

More pictures available HERE
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