Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week One

Lydia is now one week old. She is able to hold her head up quite well by herself and is taking in the world around her. Besides the Doctor visit, her first outing was going to church this morning. She did very well. She was awake and quiet during the service, but was still a distraction for both her parents. :-)

In addition to nursing, I have been able to pump extra breastmilk to store for use later and for bottle feeding. This was a good thing this afternoon when my mom and I were out longer than expected and Bob had to feed Lydia himself. She took her first bottle very well.

Friday night she also received her first bath at home. Grandma Erickson gave it to her while mom and dad took notes. So far she is doing well and night and both mom and dad are getting reasonable sleep at night. Lydia has also started spending more time in her bouncer, especially during meals when she sits up close to the table with everyone. She is spending more time awake and enjoys being held.
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