Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dad came to visit

My dad had an opportunity to come to Orlando for some training. So he extended his flights and stayed with us for awhile. We went to Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Old Town and plan to go to Downtown Disney. Merritt Island is a nature preserve just north of Kennedy Space Center. We drove around and got to see an Armadillo, 3 Alligators, Wild Boars, and many varieties of birds. Of course we had to take him to the beach, coming from IL where else would you want to go in FL when it is 80+ degrees in February. Old Town is an attraction near Disney. It is a main street like area with speciality shops, restaurants and amusement rides. We went after Dad's training was over and had dinner at a pizza place and got to sit outside.

For more pictures CLICK HERE
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