Monday, February 23, 2009

What a week

Last week was crazy dad left on tuesday and Bob left on monday night. It was great to have Dad here. Bob had 3 days of training in Tampa for a software program he uses at Wycliffe. It wasn't so bad to be home with Lydia by myself until the end. BUt we made it. THis past weekend we went to the Millennia Mall. It is one of the malls here in Orlando, but with a much more upscale selection of stores. including Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vouton, etc. there were also the stores we were used to. We both ended up buying electron related things while were shopping, i bought an adapter for my iPod from the Apple store and BOb got some screen protectors for his palm from another electronic store. Lydia enjoyed sitting up in her stroller and looking around at the mall, especially in the Hello Kitty Store :-)

In Lydia News (what you really want to know)
- She seems to have started getting gas and this fussiness is testing her parents' patience
- She is consistently sleeping for at least one long stretch during the night 5-7 hours
- Last night we discovered she had scooted herself about a foot in her bed, and pushed her head almost in to a corner.
- She is babbling more consistently and smiles often.

This next week will be back to normal and then we get ready for our next round of guests, Bob's mom, and brother!
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