Monday, March 30, 2009

End of March update

We are doing well. We are slowly meeting more people at our church. There was a picnic last weekend. It seems everything outside that is done in May/June is done here in March/April. Church picnics, 5k runs, City Art festivals. I guess we will take the lead from the locals and enjoy the weather now so we will be inside when it really gets hot. Lydia weighs over 10 lbs. now. And is starting to look chubbier. We are planning to go to Dallas the end of the month with Bob for a work trip. He will be fixing computer problems for Wycliffe recruiters from all over the country during a week long conference. I am starting to look for a job now that we have a routine for Lydia. I'm looking for swim lessons and video work. Hopefully i can find something that will be flexible and be able to work from home. Putting Lydia in the least amount of day care/ baby-sitting is ideal. We will see what works out. Bob is playing in a frisbee league now through May. There is about 10 teams that play each other every week. He is on the Yellow team.

I guess you live in Florida when your parents in Illinois are preparing for more snow and you have clear skies and 90 degrees on the same day in March. Did I mention Bob has already been sunburn twice, I have a tan, and am already worried about how to protect baby Lydia.

Lydia entertains herself on her playmat for long stretches. She is consistently using her hands more to reach for her toys on her mat and also on her bouncer seat. Its fun to watch her discover more and become aware of herself and her actions.
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