Monday, March 2, 2009

new toy and the flu

Lydai has slept through the night now for 2 nights 10-6, 10-7. And she couldn't have picked a better time. It was me who woke up at 2 am on sunday morning, with a fever of 101.2. I took some tylenol and went back to bed but I was very glad she didn't wake up. and glad it was the weekend so Bob could watch her while i rested. On saturday we bought Lydia a new toy, a play-mat. It is 2 bars over head that toys hang on. For now she can lie on her back a look at and bat at the toys. there is also a mirror so that keeps her entertained. She seems to like it. I was starting to feel bad always putting her in her playpen because there was nothing for her to look at and it was boring.

Have i mentioned how much i love digital cameras? Some how i end up taking a dozen pictures of her every week, how expensive if it weren't digital.

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