Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After a crazy week with frisbee ending and the 5k. We were ready for a quiet weekend. We had a productive weekend. Lydia got us up bright and early on saturday. So we made a special breakfast, fresh coffee cake. And got many things done around the house. On Sunday we got up early also and made it to the first of three services now offered at our church. And we still had the rest of the day to do what we wanted.

We are getting ready for our vacation next week. Reviewing the airline and FAA rules and suggestions of traveling with a baby. They suggest a lightweight stroller (under 20 lbs) ours is over 30. So we went out last night and found a great lightweight stroller for Lydia. We got to test it today when I took Lydia to her first story time at the library. Lots of songs with motions and a story. THe walk was nice, and the story time was fun. We will get to know some of our neighbors as we keep going. Its a weekly event. It also refresh Mom's mind of all the words to the nursery rhymes for practice at home.
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