Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scripture Celebration

Monday was The Spring Scripture Celebration at Wycliffe USA. 11 completed Scriptures were dedicated and celebrated. One scripture started with a broken leg, another started with a vision, and another was from Iowa. The scriptures were from Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Sudan, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, USA and Indonesia. One of these scriptures was actually a revision, desired by the people for more in-depth study.
The earliest project was started in 1955 and completed in 2008. The guest speaker was suppose to be the translator from the Sudan project. He was working hard to get his visa to leave the country. He received his visa on Sunday and the earliest he would arrive was Monday night, less than 12 late. Instead the former national director for Sudan shared the translator’s story. He had a dream that told him to read Psalm 51. He had to travel 2 villages away to find a priest to read it to him. And that began his journey to translate the bible into his own language. He has already held 2 scripture dedications for his translation and is planning a third. The first one was in his village. The second one was in the city and the third one is going to be in a refugee camp, all places his language is spoken. There was literacy teaching happening while he was translating so that now that the scripture is completed the people can immediately read the Word of God for themselves.
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