Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wycliffe, the basis of missions

Yesterday I went to Wycliffe to meet Bob for lunch and to make the trip a little more worthwhile I decide to check who the daily speaker was in the WordSpring center. It was someone I knew so Lydia and I stayed to hear her story. Her and her husband were translators for a people group in Indonesia. They completed the New Testament in 1993. TO me these people are the “Hero’s of the Faith” In America we have so many translations to choose from when we read the Bible. I can think of at least 5 in our house alone. Not to mention the different copies of these translations. For Millions of people around the world they don’t even have one copy of scripture in their native or heart language. To them God doesn’t speak their language.
We often hear about various mission projects and organizations that are doing good works around the world and need our financial support. And the decision has to be made of which one is the best for me to support. Bible translation is the fundamental building block of many other mission projects. Without the translation work of Wycliffe/SIL, other groups would not be able to do their work. Campus Crusade for Christ and Operation Mobilization both rely on the work of Wycliffe to do their work. CCC uses the translated Book of Luke to make the Jesus Film in the peoples’ language and then trains teams to go and share the film with the local people. This powerful presentation is responsible for many new believers around the world. OM’s main focus in on bringing literature to people in a way they can understand it and reaching the whole world. One of their projects is ships. They use converted cruise ships to take the Gospel in to port cities. ON the ship there is a small visitors center and a bookstore in addition to ministry they do on the land. The ships also allow them to go in to countries that other methods of Evangelism wouldn’t work. The literature they share is in the languages of the people they meet. So the work of Wycliffe is important to offer Bibles and studies in the local languages and dialects.
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