Sunday, May 24, 2009


When we moved to FL 6 months ago. We moved because Bob's job was the "perfect job" for him. The pay was the same as in GA. BUt now we had more expenses so finances have been extremely tight and worrisome. And we have been getting by on faith and savings.

On thursday Bob found out one of the guys in his dept. was taking a another job somewhere else. And put in his 2 week notice. He was the lead technician on their team of 6. That night we went to the park to walk around before we picked up my family from the airport and we discussed what this meant for him and the team at work. Fast forward to Friday morning when i checked me email, and discovered, Bob was promoted to the now open position! Praise the Lord. He was not expecting it at all. He will have a bit more responsibility and do some administrative work. But his looking forward to it, and of course it comes with a raise so that is great. God is awesome and I am so proud of him.
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