Friday, May 8, 2009

Trip to Texas (Part 1)

We left last Monday afternoon and flew to the Dallas Airport. Lydia was fairly good No major meltdowns or anything. She was a little fussy on the plane. Not sure if it was the pressure changes or just the time or day. When we got our rental car at The dallas Airport the gave us an upgrade since they were out of compact cars, we got a mini van. I understand why it is the mom favorite. It was nice to not lean over so much to get her in and out of her car seat and getting stuff out of the back as well. We had to drive almost and hour to the camp where we were staying and had to stop for diapers and dinner on the way. This was hectic because by now it was about 9pm and Lydia was hungry, it was way past her bedtime and we weren’t in a position to really put her to bed yet. She made it ok in the car as long as the lights were out. We rushed through dinner and went to our room and put her to bed immediately.
The rest of the time at the camp was uneventful. We spent most of our time in the main lodge woth the meetings. Bob set up an office in one corner and fixed problems people were having. Computers running slow, viruses, unknown errors… Nothing to major.

Friday morning after breakfast we left and drove to ALERT to visit some friends for Bob to give me a tour. We got there about lunch time and ate in the dining hall. The set up was a little different because there was an ATI homeschooling conference going on. WE toured the admin building and the grounds before visiting some more with our friends. Bob enjoyed being my tour guide. And I enjoyed seeing this part of his schooling. Because of the conference we were able to run in to several people who had worked with Bob when he went there. Including his old boss in the IT dept.

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