Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uncle Kevin came to visit

Grandma Erickson and Uncle Kevin came to see Lydia this weekend. Their visit was preceded by a 4 days of non stop rain. So we were a little worried about finding things to do indoors, after all this is Florida. We settled on Kennedy Space Center as the main attraction. That place is amazing. When you buy a ticket, it is actually good for 2 days, and we needed 2 days to see everything. We didn't actually see everything in the 2 days we were there. We missed some of the movies and presentations. The tour was amazing. They take you to a viewing platform for the space Shuttle, a separate museum for the Apollo/Mercury missions, and the International Space Station building. These three visit sites are within the secure compound of Kennedy Space Center. The weather held up very nice for us and we missed most of the rain while we were out and about.
We visited Kennedy on Saturday and Monday. ON friday while Bob was at work we went to Down town Disney and planned to get wet. The favorite part of this day was the Lego store. Kevin bought a couple of small sets to play with and we had fun talking to one of the staff in the store as well. Even the simple sets are more complex than they were when we were kids. He bought an airplane set and the wheels retract and the tail fins move, very cool.

Pictures are available HERE
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