Friday, May 8, 2009

Visit to TX (part 2)

After spending the afternoon in Big Sandy, we hit the road again and drove south to Centerville for the night. We decided to spend the night here because it was an hour north of College Station and our other friends could come up and meet us. So on Saturday the Kimmichs came up and met us for breakfast. We had a wonderful time talking with them as they finish off their Masters at A&M. And as always the visit was too short.

Lydia ready for bed and waiting to go home.

Then the real fun began. We drove back to Dallas to catch our plan home. At the camp it had been a wet week, lots of rain and some storms in the area. We had no problem returning our rental car and getting to the airport quickly and through security. Then the fun began. The airport was shut down for a storm system that was passing through. Some planes were canceled and ours was delayed 30 minutes. Then when our plan was in the air on its way from St. Louis, the airport was shut down again. So we were delayed again. Now we were set to leave at 8:30 instead of 4:55. At least we weren’t stuck on the tarmac in the plane but in the airport. Then they let us finally board the plane. And it started to rain, yep we were delayed again for about an hour stuck on the plane. We finally got to the Orlando airport at about 2am and made it home by 3 am.

(the view of the second storm that shut down the airport, it also caused the practice bubble for Dallas Cowboys to collapse as well, powerful storm)

Big Thanks to Dan who was so patient to wait up with us and retrieve us from the airport and take us home. You deserve those cookies!
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